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Air Conditioning Tuscaloosa

The air conditioner is an essential component in your house that helps keep your family comfortable. Without this unit, your loved ones would suffer through heat waves. However, you need to be aware of this system so that you can know how it works and when to call an expert HVAC like the team at TruTemp. In this guide, we’ll take a look at things you need to know about your air conditioning in Tuscaloosa. 

Air conditioners do not generate cooling

An air conditioner doesn’t generate cooling because cool is not a form of energy, but a heating unit generates heat because heat is a form of energy. What an air conditioner does is sucking the air in your home and removing heat from it in a continuous cycle, then blow that air around with lowered heat levels.

The refrigerant in an air conditioner should remain at the same level

Refrigerant is something the AC must consume to power it’s cooling but the electricity that switches on the unit. Refrigerant works as the heat transference medium because it absorbs and releases heat, but it doesn’t use the heat in the process. You don’t need to add refrigerant to your air conditioner unless the unit develops leaks.

Ice is not included in the cooling process

Your AC may malfunction if you notice ice on your system. The movement of heat from the inside of your home to the outside is not supposed to generate ice. The ice you see on the evaporator coil means the refrigerant is colder than it should, and any freezes moisture you see along with the coil lowers the AC cooling power. 

The air conditioning filter protects the system

People think their AC filter doesn’t need to be changed. You always need to check and change your air conditioner filter to keep your system working efficiently. The AC filter isn’t there to improve the quality of air. It’s there to keep dirt and other debris from damaging your AC. We suggest changing the filter every two months if you want your system to perform well.

You must regularly maintain your air conditioners

Most people don’t conduct regular maintenance on their AC because they feel the systems seem to be working fine. Regular maintenance is essential to prevent sudden repair problems, maintain energy efficiency, and extend your air conditioner’s lifespan. Your air conditioner should last decades with regular professional maintenance. 

Tips To Getting The Most Out Of Your Air Conditioner

  • Ensure your AC is professionally installed
  • Don’t delay repairs whenever your air conditioner is faulty
  • Don’t neglect periodic maintenance
  • Install a programmable thermostat to reduce energy usage
  • Keep the cooling units clean and always check your refrigerant

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Air Conditioning Tuscaloosa