Solar installation company

Solar installation company

More people adopt the new energies as a way to take advantage of the planet’s resources, in addition to preserving it. Sustainable energies have the significant advantage of being free and inexhaustible. Within the different options, solar energy stands out, since the sun reaches all corners of the planet.

Solar energy is clean, and with advances in technology in that industry, it is an excellent option to meet the needs, without relying on other more expensive and polluting sources such as those derived from fossil fuels. Currently, there are two ways to take advantage of the energy coming from the sun:

  • Thermal solar energy: It consists of the use of the sun’s energy to heat some specific fluid, thus producing steam or heat. A solar collector is used to capture the sun’s rays. Then the system uses this energy to heat the fluid. Solar Unlimited is the exclusive distributor of FAFCO technology for pool heating in Southern California.
  • Photovoltaic Solar Energy: This is when electrical energy is produced from the sun’s rays. The conversion is done using a photovoltaic cell in which the sun’s rays are captured to transform them into new The electricity obtained by the cells or solar panels and then accumulated in a bank of batteries, to be able to take advantage of it both day and night.

Also, these systems can be installed by anyone, in their homes, farms or businesses. It is essential that you know the significant advantages of using this resource, to decide if it is best suited to your needs.

Advantages of Solar Energy

  • Care of the Planet: Renewable energies have the particularity that they do not pollute. When power is produced through solar panels, you obtain clean energy. Also, solar systems are silent, so the impact is meager.
  • Inexhaustible Energy: The sun comes out every day, although it does with greater or lesser intensity depending on the month of the year. Even on cloudy days, panels capture energy from the sun to convert it into electricity or heat.
  • Economy: It is true that placing a solar energy system has an initial investment, but once it starts to work, it begins to pay dividends. In the medium term, the savings in the electricity bill are considerable. If you have any doubts about the return on investment, our Solar Unlimited experts can answer your questions.
  • Simple maintenance: The essential thing is that the photovoltaic cells are free of leaves, dust or any other element that prevents the capture of solar rays efficiently. Is recommended that you book the maintenance with a specialized company Such as Solar Unlimited, which will do a thorough cleaning and a general inspection of your system. By doing the maintenance on a regular basis, you will enjoy at least 25 years of clean and economical energy.

We are the Best Solar Installation Company

Solar Unlimited is the best solar installation company in Southern California. Since 1980, we have served the needs of the region, through our Solar Electric, Solar Pool and Solar Water products. Also, if you already have an installed system, we can offer you the greatest expertise in maintenance and repair. Contact us; we will gladly assist you.

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Solar installation company

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